Friday, April 13, 2012

Colors of Life

Lets just say I LOVE CRAYONS!!! I love how many colors there are and how many different things you can do with them.  This project I did get the idea from and  I just added my own flare by making it smaller and writing on it with crayons.
Items needed:

  • crayons (box of 64 works best and pick out colors that you don't want depending on the size of your canvas)
  • canvas
  • hair dryer
  • lots of covering so you don't get wax on anything
  • hot glue, hot glue gun
  1. pick the design or pattern you want with the crayons
  2. begin hot gluing them onto the canvas
  3. make sure they are very dry before you begin heating
  4. take the hair dryer to the crayons and begin melting them, the tops with overflow down the paper so it will be messy
  5. let it dry for 24 hours before you move it.... it will make a huge mess if its still wet
  6. add your own ideas... write on it... bedazzle it... anything :)

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