Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cupcake Crazy!

So I have recently begun taking a speech class. When I started let's just say I was less than happy to be taking it. Now four weeks in and I'm loving it. Today I had my first major 5 minute speech, the demonstration speech. I got to pick any topic to speak about while demonstrating, so why not do something I enjoy, I asked myself. So I did. I decorated cupcakes for a phenomenal grade on my speech! Lets just say though after decorating 24 cupcakes for my birthday for yearbook three weeks earlier and then another 24 cupcakes for my homeroom, 24 cupcakes for easter, and the 40 for my speech class I can officially say I am cupcaked out! So here are a few of the designs I used for my speech! These are not the only designs I did but they are the only pictures that came out well.

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