Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wall Flowers

So I enjoy large bright flowers, and colorful ribbon... so why now put them together to make some decoration?  I did, and I used the colors in my room to match.
Items you need:

  • 3 flat boards
  • paint
  • flowers (probably fake would work best)
  • ribbon
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  1. start by painting your boards and then let them dry for a while, you want to make sure they are 100% dry
  2. turn them over and separate them how you would like. 
  3. glue on the ribbon, leaving space at the top to hang up
  4. then turn back over and glue on the flowers, most of the flowers will have stems that you are going to have to cut off
Yay! and you're done!  Hope you enjoy and make sure you let me know how it turns out :)

~Bekkah~ <3

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