Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Seat of Inspiration

Hey everyone!  So I have been waiting until I had a bit of time to post this one.   This was one of my favorite projects I have done.  For my mom's classroom I decided it needed more color and some little kid touches. There are not really any steps for this one.  It's just a paint your heart out kind of project.
So this was the end of all colors and then we decided to add "Ready Set Learn"  That was placed on the seat after these pictures were taken.

This was my variety of colors that were used :)

This was the original condition of the chair. I thought to take this picture after I painted the seat but as you can see, not the prettiest looking chair.  That's okay though, I only spend $1.00 on it at a garage sell. I would have to say that is a pretty good deal!

So there you go!  Now my mom's class is a little brighter! :D  I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Bekkah

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