Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scarf Organizer

Well I would like to start to see how everyone's Holiday break has been.  My went pretty well.  I received many new things and tons more inspiration!  Like this post I got this idea from Pinterest.  A friend also informed me that there was something similar at Ikea.  I have a lot of scarves more that probably actually wear but, I couldn't even find most of them before.  So lets take a look at this new idea for organizing your scarves.

Items Needed:
  • plastic hanger
  • a package of full circle shower curtain rings(I got my pack of 12 at Wal-Mart for about $2.00)
  • ribbon
  • paint or as it worked better for me, nail polish and a Q-tip
So it only cost me about $4.00 to do this project.  I had the hanger and nail polish.  I got cheap shower curtain rings and cheap ribbon.

  1. To start, I would lay out everything and figure out the patter or way you are going to hook everything together.

2.  This step takes the longest.  Now I just started cutting about 5-6 inch pieces of the ribbon.  Of course if you find that to long you can shorten them.  Start by tying the top five loops to the hanger, one ribbon for each loop on top.  Next, tie each of the top five to each so the first gets tied to the second.  Then the second one gets tied to the third also and so on.  The second row then gets tied to both of the loops above it.  After that tie the second row loops to each other as well.  With the third row you do the exact same thing.

3.  This step is easy.  Start by dipping your Q-tip into your paint or nail polish.  Then just start making polka dots  on your hanger.

And here is my finished project!

So here are the ending products with and without scarves :) 
I hope you all enjoyed this idea because I know I did a lot! 
<3 Bekkah

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