Monday, December 30, 2013

Senior Year Ornament

Every child loves to think, wow as soon as I make it to senior year I am on top of the world, I am the big dogs at school, I am almost done.  I won't lie I have thought some of the same things.  So as I put my order in I got my decorative tassel.  Well I don't have a car so what am I to do with it, well how about a holiday ornament.  It keeps it from being around the rear-view mirror fading and out of harms way in bedrooms or a box.  This was definitely an easy project, that is once I found something with a large enough opening to fit the numbers through, and with the bottle it still was not very easy.  A bit of elbow grease was still needed!

Well I hope everyone had a great Holiday season and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!
Love, Bekkah <3

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