Saturday, June 30, 2012

Decorative Bottles

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything.  I thought I would share this idea with you.  This is one thing I was super excited about :)  I hope you enjoy:D

Items needed:

  • glass bottles
  • pledge floor cleaner
  • glitter
  • paper towels
  1. poor the floor cleaner into the bottles just use enough to make a pool of it on the bottom.
  2. cover the bottle with the paper towels and shake, make sure you cover the sides really well
  3. now it's time to add your glitter.  poor a bit in you can poor out extra.  Shake it again really well to cover everywhere.  Make sure you cover the bottle :P  
  4. let it dry for an hour or so just so it settles and poor out the extra glitter.
I hope you enjoy this :D 

Mischa really likes getting into the pictures :D <3

keep on crafting and let me know how yours turns out :D

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